Saturday, October 01, 2005

Road bozos can't stop the Smart future

The Ottawa Citizen
Saturday, October 01, 2005

I drive a Smart car. It's one of these short, stubby two-seaters that are very popular in Europe.
Smarts are powered by a small three-cylinder turbo-diesel, so they are very economical and their small wheelbase ensures neat parking almost anywhere. They do not accelerate as quickly as more powerful cars.
This causes problems for drivers of vehicles with silly, concocted names that always end with "o" -- Murano, Silverado, Bozo. These are usually either huge, road- and gas-guzzlin' behemoths or pseudo-sporty-looking things with aerodynamically useless fins attached to their trunk hoods.
Their drivers spot my little Smart and the worst sides of their characters emerge -- the sides that made them purchase their ego-wheels in the first place. They feel it necessary to try bullying me off the road by tailgating, weaving, over-accelerating and other such he-man tactics. (Yes, they are all men.)

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