Friday, October 28, 2005

smart fortwo cabriolet travels 6,587 km from Victoria to Halifax on $268 of diesel fuel

(October 26, 2005)

Toronto -- Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz Canada was approached by a Montreal editor representing an automotive publication with the idea of driving a smart fortwo across the country. While this had already been achieved by Transport Canada when they were doing long-term testing on the smart before the car was certified, it had never been done by a third party non-biased publication. Mercedes-Benz Canada liked the concept and agreed to provide them the car for the cross-country trek.

The publication in question was “Le Guide de l’Auto” and their proposed story outline was to prove that the smart fortwo could travel coast-to-coast across more than 6,500 kilometres on less than $300 of fuel. Editor Denis Duquet assigned driver Guy Desjardins and his co-pilot and navigator Lucienne Chénard to undertake this crossing. They embarked on their ten-day journey in Victoria. The smart cabriolet was a standard production vehicle and was in no way specially modified for this trip.

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