Sunday, October 16, 2005

Smart park nets $57 ticket

Owner of micro car says he’ll fight his case in court; bylaw official says officers have had Smart car complaints
By Kyle Marr
Banff Crag & Canyon staff
Tuesday October 11, 2005

Last week McDonald, a Banffite, parked his 2005 Mercedes Benz Smart car perpendicular to the curb rather than parallel to it, its uniquely compact shape jutting into the road only slightly more than the average car parked normally.
McDonald got a $57 ticket for the unique park job, something he said is unfair and is preparing to fight in court.
“And I’m going to plead not guilty because I don’t think I was improperly parked,” said McDonald, an executive producer at Tracker Productions who uses the car as a work vehicle.
“We just wanted to have a more environmentally friendly way to get out and do the work we have to do. Whenever we are videotaping we try to have as little impact as we can on the environment. This is kind of an extension of our philosophy,” he said.

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