Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Third-year studio architecture students presented their proposed dealership building designs to a representative of ZAP, a California company that modifies the high-mileage, environmentally-friendly European import for use in the U.S. Many students, faculty, and staff showed their interest and support by gathering at Crown Hall, October 19, to view the projects and an actual SMART car.

Although a wide array of approaches were considered, many student proposals incorporated sustainable design into ZAP’s business plan to create a technologically-advanced transportation dealership.

“This is an exciting opportunity; it’s not often that students get the chance to present their work for the consideration of corporate executives,” said Studio Professor Tom Brock.

ZAP, which produces its own zero pollution-emitting vehicles, has exclusive rights to import and modify the SMART Car for American road use and will be considering the student designs for their first North American dealership.

“We’re grateful that Tom Brock has chosen this exercise for his students,” said Alex Campbell, ZAP’s director of marketing. “Not only do they learn about future transportation, but they are helping our pioneering efforts in this area.”

Currently, only 10 SMART Cars are on North American roads; one, driven by Rupert Lloyd-Thomas from his home in Toronto, was at Crown Hall while the student projects were being reviewed.

(Note: What continent do they think Canada is in? Or do they mean to say American roads? )
Source: http://www.iit.edu/news/spotlight/index.html

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