Monday, October 10, 2005

Why fuel around? smart and Mobil in a win-win situation
5 October, 2005

Against a backdrop of growing awareness about rising fuel costs, smart Australia and Mobil are joining forces. Their joint promotion, called “Why fuel around?” gives buyers of specified Mobil lubricants the chance to win a fuel-efficient 1.3-litre smart forfour.
The promotion poses some timely questions that are currently on the lips of many frustrated motorists: Why fuel around with high prices? Why fuel around with old technology? Why fuel around with the environment?

As a DaimlerChrysler fuel partner, smart was a perfect choice for Mobil when promoting its range of technologically advanced lubricants. The similarities between the innovative and environmentally friendly smart forfour and Mobil’s advanced range of lubricant products are considerable.

“It is great that smart and Mobil can provide the lucky winner with a funky, compact and environmentally friendly smart forfour,” said Sam Tabart, senior manager responsible for smart in Australia.

Fuel efficiency is certainly a strong point of the 1.3-litre smart forfour. It uses just 5.8 L / 100km, around half compared to Australia’s top selling family car (11.1L/100).

The promotion will run from October 5 through to December 31 in participating Mobil service stations across most of Australia.

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