Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Smart Fortwo: Sleigh for today

Would Santa swap his traditional vehicle for a Smart Fortwo? Only if he wanted to miss his midnight deadline...
By Michael Booth, The Independent, Published: 23 December 2007
Specifications: Would suit:Elves, Price:£8,450, Performance: 92mph, 0-60 in 13.2 secs, Combined fuel consumption: 57.7 mpg
Ho, ho, ho! Father Christmas here. What? You didn't think I still bothered with all that reindeer and sleigh stuff, did you? No, ever since the animal-rights people picketed my Lapland hideaway I've been looking for alternative transport, and when Mrs Christmas and I...
Oh, sod it. I was going to do this entire piece as Santa. You'd have laughed like drains and called all your friends to go and buy a copy, I'm sure, but there is actually far too much I want to tell you about the new Smart Fortwo,so I'll spare you.
You will remember that the original Smart City Coupé was hopelessly flawed: a brave and original concept ruined by a jackhammer ride and the most awful automatic- gear change. I recall one particularly virile, young, whip-sharp automotive wit compared the way it changed gear to a "frog on an escalator". Each shift was so jerky it is a wonder Mercedes wasn't bankrupted by whiplash claims. It also accelerated at the speed your toenails grow, turning motorways into a bit of a hair-whitening experience.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Closer to home....

In August of 2006 a 50 kW Faired Wind turbine began operation at the Maple Honda dealership at 89 Auto Vaughn Drive, Vaughan, Ontario. It was subsequently redesigned, to improve both efficiency and appearance, by Indigo Wind Energy Systems.
Indigo are currently working on a wind turbine for Jackson's Toyota in Barrie, Ontario.
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With thanks to an anonymous tipster.

Car firm using wind for power

By Steve Larner

Friday, December 14, 2007

Canadian prices for '08 smart

Starting from $14,990 MSRP for a new 2008 smart fortwo pure coupé. (Does not include taxes, freight, PDI and administration charges.)
Go here.
Not sure what tactical_loyalty in the URL means? M-B marketing speak leaking out?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Electric smart from NASCAR country

An electric smart from Hybrid Technologies in Mooresville, North Carolina is the prize in a contest at Sam's Club.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Smart 2008 launch

To the Steam Whistle Brewing Co in Toronto for the launch of the smart fortwo 2008. A noisy party with free food and booze - an odd mixture of M-B suits, "beautiful people" and smart car customers. The loud recorded music and soul band "God made me Funky" made it difficult to converse with our smart car chums. The cars were dressed in cheap Herbie-style go-faster stripes, already cracking and peeling, a Teutonic attempt at cool. The lack of a diesel option was a turn-off although a hybrid and a diesel may be offered in Canada in some distant future.
Smart announces keen pricing for USA: The range is from $11,590 for a basic Pure to $16,590 for a Cabriolet with plenty of add-ons on offer. Here also is some ill-considered BS from US auto journalists who don't get the smart car at all. These bozos who criticise the smart for only having two seats are the same guys that drool over Corvettes and Porsches, mostly because they want to suck up to the companies making the most impractical two-seat cars on earth. They should look at the appeal of the smart in Canada, namely to empty nesters looking for both fun and practicality.
Meanwhile the court case between Daimler and ZAP in California rumbles on. RLT