Saturday, February 11, 2012

Peel out.

We found this Peel P50 is at the Mistequa Auto Museum in Chewelah, Washington in August 2010.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

We enjoyed seeing the Peel Trident [top] and P50 [below] at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2008.

Peel to make a comeback

LONDON — Plans have been announced to reprise a limited manufacturing run and sale of the smallest-ever production automobile, the three-wheeled, single-seater P50 from the 1960s.
The microcar had a cousin, the bubble-top two-passenger Trident [seen above], which will also be offered for sale in resurrected form.
The original little cars were two of the products of Peel Engineering, on the west coast of the Isle of Man in the town of Peel. Other products were the Peel Manxcar and Peel Viking Sport, as well as prototype Minis for BMC.
The original Peel Engineering was the producer of the only motorcars ever built on the island perhaps best known for the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle road race first held in 1907.
According to Peel Microcars, a Web site claiming to be "the site for Peel microcars built in the Isle of Man," the original designer was Cyril Cannell.
Car enthusiasts Gary Hillman and Faizal Khan have acquired the company, and the new Peel Engineering, billing itself as "Home of the World's Smallest Car — Since 1962," is accepting orders for both models.
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