Friday, October 07, 2005

CEBIT 2005: XFX go Extreme with Smart Car

XFX announce their next Extreme Project
You see plenty of innovation at CeBIT 2005, and some fairly extreme things too, such as CPU’s overclocked to 5GHz or engineering mainboards with extra bits of wire hanging off them.. but one of the most extreme mods this year has to be XFX’s Smart Car, complete with XFX and NVIDA livery.
The project started off as an extreme mod inspired by our own Gordy’s car PC, but being XFX, these guys have to go too far. Team HEXUS’ David Ross and myself, accompanied by Halyna from XFX took this baby out for a quick test. Based around an XFX TNT M64, this little baby has some very special features. Power is totally independent from an electrical supply as it is driven, unusually, by petrol which provides a constant 12V across all the rails. The wiring loom is something to see. XFX are still working on the problem of running the machine in an enclosed space as you get a blinding headache after a few minutes.
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