Thursday, October 20, 2005

Trudi Takes Chicago

Architecture students at IIT are really taken with the smartcar. They ask a lot of questions and take a lot of photos. The project presentations undergo rigorous scrutiny.
"After a long day at the college demonstrating the car we manage a quick dinner at Heaven on Seven, a Cajun Restaurant in town. Alex Campbell heads for O'Hare Airport and a late flight back to California. I'm up at 05:10 and wheels turning at 06:00 - quite like old times - a quick pitstop at the BP garage on Roosevelt and I'm heading through the south side of Chicago in the dark. I busk my way to Gary, Indiana on Highway 20 and eventually join I-94 east, then I-69. I detour off the road to Olivet, Michigan where I take a late breakfast at the Main Street cafe. The friendly locals are intrigued by the smart car. When I ask the address of the cafe nobody knows - "it is the only one in town." If you are going to Olivet it is at 110 North Main.
Back on the highway and I'm nearly suckered into an accident by a lady in a black Chevy Impala who is photographing the smart while driving. I reach Port Huron but miss the turning for Canada as the sign is obscured by roadworks. I have visions of being stuck in Michigan for good. Back across the border and a last gas stop at Zehrs in Strathroy, Ontario - I'm struggling in the Toronto rush hour traffic and glad to be back at 17:30."

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