Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 38: South Bend, IA to Toronto, ON (Home)

Five and a half weeks into mission, we're starting to feel road weary and deciding we'd like to wake up the next morning in our own bed, we put the hammer down and head for home.
It being Sunday morning that we're in the heart of Northern Indiana Amish country, we share the highway with innumerable horse drawn buggies (above).
In Ohio we stop at the Libbey Glass Factory Outlet. Since we've started collecting glassware, we've become interested in the history of its manufacture in North America. Toledo has long been a centre for the industry.
The border crossing at Detroit is busy but traffic moves quickly and we're across the Ambassador Bridge and back in Ontario in less than half an hour (below).
A combination of heavy rain, fatigue and a detour off the 401 make for a long and wearisome drive into Toronto. We are thankful to arrive safely and are glad to be back home.

Daily distance: 757 km Fuel cost: $9.08 US, $15.05 CDN


Angela C said...

Sounds like a fascinating trip!

New York City Headshots said...

It looks like you have a long but exciting and thrilling road trip. I can't wait to read another travel stories coming from you.