Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 26: Tonopah, NV

Tonopah is a fascinating town with an interesting history. A visit to the Central Nevada Museum is a research stop for hubby and a photo shoot for me (above). We learn a lot about mining in this part of the state and armed with new information we drive south to the near ghost town of Goldfield where little has changed since our first visit about eighteen months ago (below).
We can't help but wonder about how these two mining towns with their roots in the early 1900s have fared so differently over time. Tonopah has a population of about 2700 and there are about 400 people in Goldfield. Tonopah boasts 7 hotels, 6 gas stations, 2 casinos, a grocery store and a book shop; there are none of these services in Goldfield.

Daily distance: 111 km Fuel Cost: $ 10

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