Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 37: Knoxville, IO to South Bend, IN

Up and on the road early, we have a hearty breakfast of veggie omelets & hash browns at The Copper Lantern in Sigourney, IO. Like many other county seats in the state, the County Courthouse is the focal point of the town's layout (above).
Throughout this tour we've navigated across fifteen states using four tools: GPS, maps, signs and hubby's sense of direction. This morning, leaving Iowa and entering Illinois our GPS has developed laryngitis and we don't have a state map. Months ago when planning this trip, I ordered travel info from various states. I was sent brochures and road maps from every state but one - Illinois. After several false leads we get a map at a rest stop.
When we get to Indiana we are very impressed by the Welcome Centre at South Shore where the staff are friendly and helpful (below). We decide to press on to South Bend, IN, and stop for the night.

Daily distance: 655 km Fuel cost: $20

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