Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 27: Tonopah, NV to Ely, NV

Another thing that has put Tonopah, NV, on the map is the 1908 New York to Paris Race. Competitors from four countries passed through the town on their way across America. This morning we spot Steven Weinberg's 1946 4CV parked outside our hotel , the Jim Butler Inn & Suites (above). He is driving the same route as the 1908 race and is blogging his journey here. I'm sorry that we didn't get to meet him, but we wish him safe travels. (And you thought travelling across the US in a smartcar was brave!).
We visit the Tonopah Historic Mining Park (below) before leaving town on Hwy 6 for Ely. From their website: "The park encompasses portions of four of the original major mining companies and covers more than 100 acres. This rich history is brought to life through preserved and restored equipment and buildings, historic exhibits, video presentations (in our on-site theater), and a self-guided tour. All of the buildings located on the property are open for our visitors to enjoy."

Daily distance: 284 km Fuel cost: $10


wsherman said...

Hello Annette I have been following your adventure for a little while. I am the Smart Specialist at Mercedes Benz Durham and was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the Smart. Would you mind to contact me via email.

Thank you.


Will Sherman

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr a.k.a. Kamikaze said...

I like the Renault 4CV.