Friday, August 06, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 22: Carson City, NV

Up early for breakfast we fuel the car and stop at Starbucks for coffee while waiting for the "Nevada State Railroad Museum" to open. Since the Pike Place blend isn't ready, we score two free grande coffees. The day gets better from there on.
We've visited many railway museums in many countries and this one, in Carson City, NV, is among the best. It's staffed by folk who really know and love trains. We even get the opportunity to operate a handcar (above). The Coupon Queen nets a 15% discount in the gift shop.
Driving out into the desert, we get to Gold Hill as the steam train arrives. When we get to Virginia City, we're just in time to ride the rails of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad back down the line. We get a discount for being CAA members. The 35 minute trip features detailed commentary about the railway, the Comstock Mine and the boom times in Virginia City. Our journey is interrupted by train robbers who get collared by the sheriff at Gold Hill (below).
As a young girl in England, I used to dream of being a cowboy. I think I got the idea from watching episodes of Bonanza, a TV series that ran from 1959 to 1973. Virginia City, NV, was the nearest town to the fictional Cartwright's equally fictional ranch the "Ponderosa". Virginia City truly lives up to its slogan, "Step Back in Time".

Daily distance:65 km Fuel cost: $6

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