Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 28: Ely, NV

We arrive at the Nevada Northern Railway's East Ely station and board the 9:30 train. Four cars are pulled by an Alco RS 3 diesel engine, number 109 (above). We're on the Keystone Route which goes to the mines of Ruth and Keystone, NV. After an hour and a half journey, we disembark the train at the workshop where an extremely knowledgeable volunteer named Bob shows us where and how the hundred year old steam locomotives are maintained (below). The Railway has some gems in its collection - many are fully operational but much time and money are needed to fully restore some unique pieces like the rotary snow plow. The walking tour lasts a full hour and we feel we've really got our money's worth.

Daily distance: 55 km Fuel cost: $11.50

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