Saturday, August 07, 2010

Crazy Daisy Tour Day 23: Carson City, NV

We drive to Incline Village, NV, to see what we can find of the Ponderosa Ranch tourist attraction that was closed in 2004 (above). Not much can be seen from the road beyond the many "No Trespassing" signs.
"The famous opening scene of Bonanza was filmed on location at North Lake Tahoe near Incline Village, and Lake Tahoe was among the outdoor locations used to film the weekly episodes. The house, both interior and exterior, was located on a Hollywood sound stage.
Lake Tahoe contractor Bill Anderson worked with the film crews on location, cutting roads and building fake outbuildings, and in 1967, he approached the show's producers and NBC with a proposal to build an exact replica of the house exterior in Hollywood, with a copy of the sound stage interior inside, creating a detailed replica of the fictional ranch house. Anderson's Ponderosa opened in 1967. The recreated Ponderosa became the centerpiece of a western-themed tourist attraction, a bonanza of a different type." View source.
Driving around the north end of Lake Tahoe we head northwest to Truckee, CA. Not much is open when we get there so we walk along the main street looking at historic buildings, including the jail (below) and stop for coffee at Elijah Bleu's.
We decide to drive through the famed Donner Pass in the northern Sierra Nevada - quite spectacular views if a little hair raising (elevation 7085 ft; 2160 metres).
Next we stop at a classic car auction and swap meet in Reno.
In the evening, we enjoy a tasty and healthy dinner at The Basil Thai restaurant in Carson City, NV.

Daily distance: 222 km Fuel cost: $10

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