Monday, July 21, 2008

Day Twenty-One: Muskegon, MI to Toronto, ON

Up early and no breakfast provided at the Seaway Motel so we drive into Grand Rapids, MI, then quickly realizing our mistake we get back onto the highway. Luckily we spot a sign saying The Garden Room - All Day Breakfast and duck in for something to eat.
At Dearborn, MI, we visit the Automotive Hall of Fame which has struck the right balance between multi-media entertainment and good factual information. "This is the single greatest honor in the motor vehicle industry, intended to honor a career and/or lifetime achievement. To become a “Hall of Famer” the nominee must be either retired or deceased. Recipients must have significantly impacted the development of the automobile or the motor vehicle industry. Typically, four to eight individuals are inducted each year."
The border crossing at Detroit is painless and we're soon driving from Windsor to London in heavy rainfall. After stopping at Loblaws for a few groceries we arrive home at about 8 pm, tired but happy to be back. Distance covered today: 697 km (437 miles).

smart Alecs:
  • we spot a yellow & black 2008 on the 401 near Kitchener, ON
Wildlife Watch:
  • 4 or 5 Eastern Wild Turkeys in a field at the side of the highway

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