Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Sixteen: Regina, SK to Glendive, MT

When we stayed in Regina, SK in 2005 on our return home from the Route 66 tour, we had breakfast at Humpty's on Albert Street - we went back again today. You know you're in Saskatchewan when you get offered pierogies as a side dish on the breakfast menu.
We had a personal tour of the Saskatchewan Legislature which was informative and not quite "politically correct". Next to the new RCMP Heritage Centre where we have an appointment to look through some glass slides of pictures in the Brinkworth collection. We head due south and stop off the highway in the village of Pangman, SK [population 260] and have a late lunch at Kathy's Place.
Crossing the border at Regway was a breeze - one car in front of us and it took only seven minutes. Finding a place to stop for the night proved much more difficult. All of the motels in small towns in this part of Montana are booked up with "oil men" as that business is booming in these parts. Fortunately we find a room late in the day at the Days Inn in Glendive to spend the night. Distance covered today: 461 km (286 miles).

smart Alecs:
  • a guy from Moncton, NB quips, "That's a nice little rig. I'd like one myself".
  • officer at the US border crossing asks, " Where do you wind it up?". Hubby answers, " You put the big key in the back".

Wildlife Watch:
  • we've gotten used to playing, "swerve for gophers" out on the prairies but today we had to brake and swerve for a mother Plains Sharp-tailed Grouse and about eight of her chicks. Fortunately, they all scramble across the road to safety.

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