Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day Fifteen: Swift Current, SK to Regina, SK

Today is somewhat of a rest day as we drive from Swift Current, SK to Regina, SK. We stop at Moose Jaw, SK and consider doing the tour of the prohibition tunnels but the price and the thought of being herded along with a group make us change our minds. We take a brief look at the old railway station which was at one time the grandest building in town - it's now a liquor store, nuff said.
On the prairies it's wise to top up your tank when you can.
We start to get concerned about running out of diesel as a light flashes on the dash board. The gas station at Caronport, SK, which is run by the Briercrest Seminary, saves the day - we stop for a hot drink at their Starbucks outlet.
We check in to the Best Western in Regina, SK and chill out.
Distance covered today: 260 km (162 miles)

smart Alecs
  • a guy driving a battered Mercury pick-up truck says, " I wanted to buy the diesel one of those but couldn't get one. I don't want to buy the new gas version. Those Americans have ruined it."

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