Saturday, July 05, 2008

Day Seven: Red Lodge, Montana

Staying at the historic Pollard Hotel in Red Lodge which is recovering from the Rodeo and Fourth of July celebrations.
I take the opportunity to get some laundry and postcard writing done while hubby and fellow researcher Karen head off to the Carbon County Historical Society.
When hubby comes to pick me up a guy at the laundromat says, " I think I saw your car in town, or another one like it". I laugh, thinking this highly unlikely. We haven't seen another smart car since we left Toronto. Driving back to the hotel, lo and behold, there's a 2008 smart cabrio (red & black like our Trudi) parked at the side of the road. We park behind it and within a minute the owners arrive and so we talk smarts for a few minutes. The car is emblazoned with the Carpet One logo and is from Billings, Montana.

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GRIZ said...

Annette, My wife Debbie and I are the couple you encountered in Redlodge with the Red 08 Cab. I must say we were suprised to look and see our smarty parked next to another that looked identical. I'm sure it was an oddity to most in town as there are only 4 smarts in both Carbon and Yellowstone counties.
It was nice meeting you both, if in our part of the world again, drop us a line. My email is

Randy and Deb