Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day Eleven: Missoula, MT to Coleman, AB

Heading north again, we cross the border into British Columbia at Roosville, MT where there are just seven vehicles ahead of us in line and after only 15 minutes we're through customs/immigration and on our way again.
We stop for a photo ops at the courthouse in Fernie, BC and the "World's Largest Truck", in Sparwood, BC. "The Terex Titan 33-19 was a prototype off-road earth hauler built by the Terex Division of General Motors Corporation. It had an operating capacity of 320 tons, an empty weight of 235, and a maximum loaded weight of 553. At the time of its construction, it was the largest truck ever built, but the size record was broken by the Caterpillar 797B in 1998." Source: Wikipedia.
At the BCM Inn Coleman, we give the car a much needed sponge bath before heading out for dinner at Vito's Pizza. Distance covered today: 440 km (273 miles).

smart Alecs

  • bikers from Oklahoma are amused by the smart car. One of them, noticing hubby's British accent asks , "What part of Alabama are you from?". Not missing a beat hubby quips, "I worry about you guys trying to turn my car into a trike".
  • In Kalispell, MT, we spot a red and silver 2008 smart car.

Wildlife Watch

  • ferruginous hawk nesting on the top of a telephone pole on the shore of a lake

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