Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day Eight: Red Lodge, MT

Back on the research trail, we drive north with Karen to the town of Fromberg, MT. In contrast to Gebo, Wyoming there is nothing left of the coal mining town of Gebo, Montana. There is, however, an interesting cemetery in this remote location. We meet the unofficial cemetery historian Melody who invites us in for ice tea and to look at her archives - photos and clippings of the area's history.
Next we head into Fromberg to meet up with Shirley Smith, proprietor of The Little Cowboy Bar and museum and former Ms Senior Montana 2001. Next we visit the Gebo house and Barn where Anna Belle Hill generously gives us a tour.
We stop in at The Garage Steakhouse, an automobile themed restaurant and bar, in Bridger where we located the site of a former jailhouse which features in hubby's book.

Wildlife Watch:
  • jack rabbits, Western meadowlarks and magpies at Gebo Cemetery

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