Tuesday, August 02, 2005

smart service: "A Service"

When our odometer reading surpased the 8,000 km mark, a little wrench symbol appeared on the instrument panel. We knew that Trudi was due for her first check up. Since we were in the states at the time, we phoned a Vancouver smart centre and were told that the earliest they could do it was in two weeks. They put us through to another smart centre where we were told, "just bring it in". It took some time to locate the Boundry Road smart centre as the listing on the card we were given said it was in North Vancouver and it is actually in Burnaby. Not being from around those parts we wasted nearly an hour looking in the wrong city on the Monday evening which was a national holiday. We stopped at a tourist info centre and were given proper directions - we had no trouble finding the place at 8 am the next morning. I felt a little awkward bringing the car in to be serviced loaded up with luggage and camping gear but the service staff were understanding and helpful. I relaxed with a cup of tea and watched CNN while waiting a mere hour and a half for the service to be completed. Trudi was in great shape and was returned to us clean inside and out.

Service Scope A: 2 August 2005 Odometer 9635 km
Oil Brand/Viscosity: QS 5W30

Mercedes Benz Canada Inc
1325 Boundary Rd
Vancouver, BC

Cost: Service Scope A $117.60
Oil filter cartridge 7.25
3 synth 5w30 oil 22.35
1 glass cleaner 3.52
Misc charges 5.88
Sales Tax 21.90

Total Cost: 178.52

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