Sunday, August 21, 2005

Newspaper Clipping 1

Sussex Express, Friday August 5, 2005

A Smart way to get kicks on Route 66
by Andy Thomas

Rupert Lloyd-Thomas, presenter on Rocket FM Lewes is more than half-way through an epic 4,000 mile drive across North America in his diesel-powered Smart Car – recently introduced to the new world.
The tiny vehicle achieves 85 miles a gallon and there is room for Rupert, his wife Annette and all their camping gear.
Rupert and Annette (who was born in Lewes) left Toronto in July heading for California via Route 66 and are now at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.
The Smart will be serviced in Vancouver ready for the return trip east across the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Said Rupert: This is the trip of a lifetime and it’s been like driving through a lexicon of American popular music. Mixing it with the big trucks on the interstate has also been an experience. So far the Smart hasn’t missed a beat and we’ve been the centre of attention all along the route.
If he gets back safely, Rupert will be presenting on Rocket FM again this autumn.
His journey can be followed on Rocket’s website at
Pictured Annette parking the Smart car alongside a Mack truck.

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