Friday, August 19, 2005

Loonie a litre: Gas prices set to head higher

National Post
Tuesday August 16 2005

Front Page: THE COST TO FILL UP : With Canada's average gas price expected to reach $1.00 per litre today, here's what it will cost you to drive these vehicles.

Hummer H2 SUT $18.00 per 100 km
Dodge Carvan $12.20 per 100 km
Toyota Corolla Matrix $7.80 per 100 km
MB smartcar $4.10 per 100 km
Vespa Granturismo $3.80 100 km

Loonie a litre: Gas prices set to head higher

Nationwide Average: 'where's it going to end? I can't speculate on that'

By Rachel Sa

"The nationwide average price of gasoline is poised to break the $1 mark today for the first time, up from last week's average all-time high of 99.3 cents per litre for regular unleaded."

"Some SUV drivers have migrated toward Toyota's new hybrid Highlander SUV, Ms Moody said. " The Highlander hybrid meets the need [of] for SUV driving and offers large space in the back and flexibility, plus it's [a] highbrid and its fuel economy is outstanding," she said."
Of course they mean that the Highlander gets better fuel economy than your average gas guzzling SUV. Like other hybrids, it gets better mileage in the city with assistance from the electric drive. What amazes me is that, according to National Post figures, it costs only 30 cents more per 100 km to drive a smartcar than a Vespa scooter.

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