Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fort Steele Heritage Town, B.C.

In the brilliant sunshine of an August day, the location of Fort Steele seems idyllic. But one can't help wondering what it's like during the winter months and what it must have been like for the original settlers. Unfortunately, the steam train was not running due to "maintenance" but we didn't let it dampen our spirits.

Excerpt from official website:

"The origin of Fort Steele can be traced to the small settlement of Galbraith's Ferry, which was born during the 1864 Kootenay Gold Rush to Wild Horse Creek. In 1888 the settlement's name was changed to Fort Steele to honour Superintendent Samuel Benfield (Sam) Steele of the North-West Mounted Police , who peacefully reduced tensions between the Ktunaxa and the white and Chinese settlers who were relatively new to the area.

In 1961 the Province of British Columbia purchased the site and committed to "preserve, present and manage for public benefit the historic settlement of Fort Steele, including significant or representative elements of historical value relating to the development of East Kootenay." This continues today as the general mission of this heritage site."

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