Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Tanner Zurkoski is living in a car for a month to show how bad Toronto commuters have it

Tanner Zurkoski is praying for rain.
His 6-foot-3 frame, cloaked in a polyester long-sleeved shirt, is folded in the driver’s seat of a small car that has been his home for eight days.
“Do I feel gross?” he says, touching his arm, shiny in the humidity. “Um, yes. I do. To be honest about it, it feels a little scummy.”
But this is his prize. Zurkoski, 22, competed for the privilege of living in a car for a month, in order to show Torontonians how much time they lose to commuting every year. The region’s average daily commute is 82 minutes, according to Metrolinx. Spread out over a year, it works out to almost a month in a car.

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