Sunday, July 22, 2012

DST Day 13, 22 July 2012: Tupelo, MS to Franklin, TN

It's Sunday and very quiet at the birthplace of Elvis Presley (above). The family's two room home remains original but a $4 million museum/auditorium complex is under construction just behind it.  It is slated to reopen in August to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his death. We meet a friendly couple from Wales when they ask me to take a photo of them. Turns out he's a teacher and she comes from the same part of the country as hubby's father. They join is in a visit to the Tupelo Car Museum which boasts a complete set of Elvis movie posters and a car that he gave as a present to Denver, Colorado's chief of police. Below are two very rare vehicles in their collection: 1967 Ed Roth Wishbone (front) and a 1985 Triton (behind).

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