Monday, July 16, 2012

DST Day 7, 16 July 2012: Ronks, PA to Georgetown, DE

We take in two excellent attractions located across the street from each other the privately owned Strasburg Rail Road and the state owned Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  Both venues are packed with beautifully restored and maintained trains, rail road paraphernalia, photographs and art work. Staff and volunteers are friendly and helpful. We buy a $21 combination ticket each and enjoy a 45 minute journey on the steam train above. By touring the museum both before and after our ride we manage to see it all. A wonderful experience for train buffs and families.
Continuing south, we exit Pennsylvania and enter the state of Delaware near Wilmington where highway signs warn drivers of state laws that prohibit texting and cell phone hand use while driving. Shortly after reading the signs, we see two people on a motorbike without helmets. Only 18 states require all motor cyclists to wear helmets by law.

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