Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deep South Tour Day 1, 10 July 2012: Toronto, ON to Hammondsport, NY

Getting across the border at Fort Erie was a breeze this morning. Stopped at Mama's Home Cooking in Arcade, NY for coffee and yummy apple crisp $6.33 for the two of us. The Glenn H Curtiss Aviation Museum at Hammondsport, NY was fascinating. His contributions to aviation history are staggering. Pictured above is a replica of his 1907 V8 2 Curtiss motorcycle (the original is at the Smithsonian). At Ormond Beach, Florida, on January 23, 1907, Curtiss officially clocked at 136.3 mph on a measured mile, with this bike, earning himself the title "Fastest Man on Earth".

Staying at the Keuka Lakeside Inn at Hammondsport where it's comfy and quiet in an old fashioned kind of a way. During a stroll around the town square in the evening, I was captivated by the "Palettes of Keuka" art tour. Some 50 local artists have created works of art on metre tall palettes in this sixth year of the event. Below are works by Stefanie Weaver and Jeff Perrault.

Total Distance: 304 km

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