Friday, July 20, 2012

Deep South Tour 2012 - Day 11: Augusta, GA to Dalton, GA

At Kennesaw, Georgia we visit the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History which features the story of the "General" seen above and below. During the Civil War, "Andrews' Raiders" stole the General and a dramatic chase ensued north through the mountains. A different perspective from the museum in Strasburg, PA on the "Great Locomotive Chase" is given here. Another exhibit contains only fully restored belt-driven locomotive assembly line in the US which was rescued when the Glover Machine Works in Marietta, GA was demolished. The painting of the general below was done by Wilbur G. Kurtz who was born in Oakland, Illinois in 1882. Kurtz developed an interest in the story of the Andrews Raid as a young man and actually interviewed William Fuller as the conductor of the General  led the pursuit. Kurtz later married on of Fuller's daughters.  Because of his extensive background knowledge Kurtz served as a technical advisor for "Gone With the Wind" and Disney's " The Great Locomotive Chase" film.

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