Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ZAP Ships 200th Smart Car

SANTA ROSA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30, 2006--Automotive pioneer ZAP (NYSE Arca:ZP) announced today that it has shipped its 200th Smart Car Americanized for ZAP, according to CEO Steve Schneider.
The Smart Car is featured in an opening chase-scene in The Da Vinci Code now playing in theaters around the world. ZAP is now delivering Smart Cars to its authorized dealers across the USA. The Smart Car is the most fuel-efficient all-gas turbo in the country at 40 MPG and the only micro-car available at a time of record gas prices. The Smart Car has received the regulatory approval through its registered importers to allow for distribution in the USA by ZAP.
ZAP is commencing auto sales through authorized and licensed ZAP sales and service centers throughout the country. ZAP is seeking to expand its distribution through partnering with a select group of dealers marketing advanced technology vehicles. A publicly owned company based in Northern California, ZAP recently launched sales for a new electric car called the XEBRA and is working to develop other vehicles as part of its automotive business plan, which includes a new Brazilian "trybrid" micro-car powered by gasoline, electricity and ethanol.

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