Friday, May 12, 2006

Just charge it: Mooresville company producing vehicles that say no to gas

12:09 PM EDT on Friday, May 12, 2006

On Raceway Drive in Mooresville there is a shop full of surprises. In the heart of NASCAR country, Hybrid Technologies is taking cars like a Chrysler PT Cruiser and replacing the gasoline engine with an all electric one.
Richard Griffiths is the company’s driving force.
Describing the motor, he says, “This is basically 400 moving parts reduced down to about 30 parts. This truly is a plug in hybrid...on a 220 you're looking at four to five hours."
With that four to five hour charge, Griffiths says the average driver could travel 120 miles.
The power supply is 70 thin lithium batteries.
Also in the lithium powered lineup at hybrid is a Chrysler Crossfire sports coupe, a Mini Cooper and a true miniature vehicle, the European smart car.
"This (smart car) is about $35,000. The PT Cruiser is about $45,000”, Griffiths says.
Efficient yes, but more than double the price tag of a gasoline version. So who's the target buyer?
"You're someone who supports the industry. Who wants to make a statement. It is an emotional decision rather than an economical one," Griffiths says.

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