Sunday, May 21, 2006

The new Mercedes-Benz Museum

As the inventor of the automobile, DaimlerChrysler has a responsibility to create an adequate forum for automotive history and to give a home to the unique tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand. On a floor area of 16,500 square meters (178,000 square feet), the Mercedes-Benz Museum provides its visitors with an unforgettable experience of the brand. The central elements encompass the entire tradition of the brand with the three-pointed star – passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motor sport – thus creating a communication platform for the Mercedes-Benz brand that is unparalleled throughout the world. Imaginative, chronologically ordered presentations expound the entire “Mercedes Legend” – from the dawn of automotive history up to visions of the future. Accompanying showcase collections also elucidate the various thematic backgrounds.

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