Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Smart Car: Could Less be More?

By John Rawlins
May 10, 2006 - If you've ever dreamed of owning a Mercedes-Benz, but couldn't afford it, how about taking half? You can now buy three cylinders instead of 6 and two seats instead of 4. A Chester County man says it's not settling, it's smart.
Joe Stubblebine has gotten use to people staring and saying really odd things when he drives by.
It is an eye catcher, which is why Stubblebine's company uses it as a rolling billboard. A mini is small, but the Smart Car is smaller. It is not a hybrid but gets 40 miles per gallon from its tiny rear mounted engine.
Smart is owned by Mercedes Benz. Despite its tiny size, Smart's reputation in its native Europe for safety.
Joe was nice enough to give us the keys so we can drive the Smart which is what we are going to do.
It fires up easily, it's roomy for two. There is no back seat. Its ride is a bit harsh making potholes something to avoid. We stopped at West Chester University. A question for co-eds: Would you give a guy a second look if he drove up in a Smart instead of say an Escalade?
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