Saturday, April 01, 2006

Smart Car Helps Township 'Go Green'

Langley Times
By Natasha Jones Times Reporter
Mar 31 2006

When it comes to fleet vehicles, size matters — to the environment and taxpayers. That’s why Langley Township has bought a Smart car for its bylaw enforcement department. With a pre-tax price of $21,000, the Smart car, made by Daimler Chrysler, is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available. It operates on biodiesel, which is derived from natural oils such as soybean oil, and blended with petroleum-based diesel. The price is $7,000 less than the Township would pay to replace more traditional vehicles used in its fleet, and will save almost $4,000 a year in fuel costs.

Photo: Langley Township chief bylaw enforcement officer Bill Storie stands
next to a new Smart car that the Township has bought for his department. The car
is one of several elements in a Township plan to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions. The municipality will be releasing a greenhouse gas emissions plan
next month.

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[I am not sure about the biodiesel bit. I will make enquiries]

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Alan T. said...

Of course smarts can run biodiesel! I've been using bio in my 2006 smart since late last year, and many other ClubsmartCar Canada members also run biodiesel. Now that I've made the switch, I wouldn't go back to fossil diesel for anything.