Friday, April 21, 2006

How smart is Smart for you?

21 April 2006
Gavin McGrath
The tiniest car Australians can buy is the Smart Fortwo. It's cute, built by Mercedes-Benz and has the kind of fuel efficiency that would have greenies and economic rationalists in cheerful agreement.
Trendy European urban dwellers love them. The Smart Fortwo is all the rage in Italy, where petrol prices are now more than $2 a litre and finding a parking spot is only slightly easier than finding an echidna.
Smart has great hopes for Australia, where about two-thirds of the population, representing nearly 13 million people, now live in the nation's state capital cities.
"People in Italy who can often afford to drive a big car on the weekend would not dare to drive it in town during the week. They buy a Smart especially for that," Smart spokesman Tony Andreevski says.
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