Friday, April 07, 2006

AutoMatters: ZAP's SMART Cars are On The Road

How easy is the SMART car to park? The results to both of these tests were made clear at our lunch stop in San Francisco. After our obligatory photo shoot of the SMART cars with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, we made our way alongside cable cars to world famous Fisherman's Wharf. The problem is, we could only find three parking spaces and there were six SMART cars. What were we to do?
The answer was plain to see: park two cars to a space. We did and there was even room to spare. It was an amazing sight. These cars are really, really short. They passed Test 5 with flying colors and, in the process, drew a large crowd of curious onlookers. Trying to answer their many questions made our lunch break much longer than we had intended, but that was fine. The whole point of this tour is to let people know about SMART cars, and they really seem eager to learn.

Read more about Zap's smart trek from Santa Rosa, CA to New York City here.


Smartcar Owner said...

ZAP motors produce great smart they produce the roadster too or is that DaimChrys ? Also found another smartcar site

Annette said...

ZAP! of Santa Rosa, CA imports smart fortwos from Europe and modifies them for the American market. The daimlerchrysler smart roadster, launched in April 2003,
has been out of production since 4 November 2005.