Friday, April 07, 2006

Dealership to sell Smart Car in Kirkland

The first authorized dealership in Washington to sell the DaimlerChrysler Smart Car will unveil the car in Kirkland this weekend.
The Green Car Co. dealership will sell the tiny Mercedes Smart Car, rated at 40 miles per gallon and only 8 feet long. In comparison, a Mini Cooper is 12 feet long.
The Smart Car is powered by a 61-horsepower turbocharged engine. The sticker price ranges from $26,900 for a hardtop to a $29,900 for a convertible.
The Green Car Co. is licensed by California-based Zap (NYSE: ZP) to sell American versions of the Smart Car. The car, however, does not meet regulatory requirements in several of the states, including California. Zap also will sell another fuel-efficient vehicle, its Xebra city car, later this year, according to Zap.

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