Saturday, March 18, 2006

Smart money says it's German

The Birmingham Post Business
Mar 16 2006
By John Revill, Manufacturing Editor

The prospect of a new sports car factory being set up in the Midlands looks to be receding after Project Kimber revealed offers from Wales and Germany are now in pole position.
Kimber, the team behind the unsuccessful bid to buy MG Rover last year, had considered restarting production of its new Smart Roadster and Coupes at a former Dunlop factory in Radford, Coventry.
The new factory would have employed around 200 engineers making 9,000 cars a year with production beginning early next year.
Kimber had been looking to license the MG name from Nanjing Automobile (NAC) - the successful bidder in the MG Rover auction - for use on its cars.

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