Saturday, March 11, 2006

Club smart Car Toronto Group's inaugural monthy meet

Left work promptly for drive across town to the Phoenix & Firkin at 2175 Sheppard Ave. East in North York. Enjoyed chatting in the parking lot, although the wind was brisk, and checking out Hooey's silver smart Kompressor and seeing Gina's new look. Good food, good talks and great fun getting to know other Club smart Car folk from around Toronto and beyond. Many thanks to Lynda for starting the proverbial ball rolling. We're looking forward to next month's gig.

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Anonymous said...

New Kahn Smart Wheel Available from late Feb

What would it mean to take a Smart Car, a derived icon of narrow European streets — and convince Afzal Kahn to design a ‘Smart’ wheel?

Well; according to Afzal Kahn: British masculinity is defined by two ideals: size and speed. The rogue hormone known as testosterone thrives not only on horsepower but also on style.
In other words: Afzal Kahn did not need any convincing.

Note the date: Feb 20th 2009, Project Kahn will be releasing their latest product:

The cleverly evolved new ‘Smart RSL Wheel’ (Bright Silver Paint) by Project Kahn wheels gives the Smart Car a fresh and masculine appearance whilst retaining its unmistakable character.
Complete with maximum agility, safety and ecology, the stunning Kahn 6.5x17 – 7X17 Wheel bestows an aura style and self-expression.

Kahn, who has carved an international reputation for applying old-world craftsmanship and the finest materials to turn standard cars into bespoke works of art said: “Project Kahn is facing up to what now seems to be increasingly well-established trends towards smaller, more fuel-efficient cars for personal transport.

“We have successfully steered products and services towards high end users for many years. However, we are confident; the new Smart wheel will delight select consumers who own distinctively styled Smart cars throughout the world.

“Look out for a fresh body styling kit and number of exciting Smart related products in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Kahn has designed wheels, interiors and body kits for Range Rover, Aston Martin and Bentley amongst others.

And recently, he received much acclaim for adding his bespoke touch to the SsangYong Rexton R-Line - so enthusiastically received by visitors to the SsangYong British motor show stand, that distributors Koelliker UK, had no hesitation in adding it to their range.

Our elegant and sculpted alloy wheel designs are evolved through skilled artistic innovation and state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology.

Project Kahn’s innovative manufacturing process, luxurious materials and components are without equal; the seductive blend of refinement will no doubt satisfy the most demanding customers.

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