Sunday, March 05, 2006

Loremo: Simple, Clever, Fun

Loremo design is based on a simple linear cell steel structure: the patented chassis with its three straight longitudinal girders and one central transverse girder weighs only 95 kg. The steel girders provide Loremo with the required stability and safety. This clever principle of
construction allows for a great crumple zone of 600 mm.
You get into Loremo via one gate instead of two doors: It has a frontdoor which opens forward. This makes getting into Loremo as easy as stepping into a bathtub!
Also Loremo's interior focuses on the essential needs: Ergonomics and haptics. The same applies to the special features. The return to what is essential makes Loremo a sensational lightweight:
With only 450 kg it weighs less than half of any comparable passenger car. Of course, this makes Loremo also sensationally affordable.
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