Saturday, March 25, 2006

G-Wiz is the greenest car in Britain....

Exclusively available from GoinGreen, the G-Wiz is 100% emission free and a dramatic breakthrough in the fight against city air pollution and global warming. The world's best selling electric car, it consumes just one quarter the energy of a similar size petrol car;is the most energy efficient car on the road (according to the Energy Saving Trust);is carbon neutral (we carbon balance the manufacturing, shipping and first 16,000 miles driving); is the only 4 seater car to receive an 'A' eco-label, the cleanest classification possible from the Department of Transport; and when charged with 'green' electricity from renewable sources is a completely sustainable car.
G-Wiz is fully automatic, with large doors for easy entry/exit and high seats for superior visibility. Its lightweight steering and the smallest turning radius of any car, make it exceptionally easy to manoeuvre and park. And because it's only 2.6m long, it fits snugly in to parking spaces which are too small for other cars. G-Wiz has nippy acceleration, a top speed of 40 mph (enough for urban driving conditions and speed limits) and a range of up to 40 miles, depending upon the temperature, driving conditions and your driving style. As the average journey anywhere across the whole of the UK is only 8 miles, and in London it is less than 4 miles, this is sufficient for daily urban use.

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