Tuesday, January 10, 2006

smart service B

Trudi was due for her second or "B" service so we booked an early morning appointment on January 6th. We've had no problems with the car other than what may seem a trivial matter. When Rupert drove her back from Chicago, a rattling sound eminating from the rear of the car nearly drove him bonkers. It's one of those tinny, irregular sounds that you irritatingly find yourself listening for like the drip of a faucet. It makes a nine month old car sound like a jalopy.
We took every thing out of the car, made sure that the engine compartment hatch was secured and made a test drive. Still there. We examined the windshield wipers, the door latches and the window latch. Still there. After much head scratching we realized that it was the cheap plastic license plate holder that vibrated as you drove over a bump. Oh well, we said when we take her in for her service we'll mention it and the highly trained Mercedes mechanics will know just what to do.
We described the problem to the service reception clerk who made a note on the form. When the car was ready we were assured that the problem had been fixed. Smiling we waved good bye and headed out of the parking lot...to the tune of the now very familiar tinny rattle. Needless to say, we were not impressed.
Plan "B" is to remove the cheap, dollar store plate holder our dealer installed on the car.

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