Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rodney Hide heartbroken after car raids

25 January 2006 By JENNY LING

Car thieves broke more than windows when they took on Rodney Hide's car - they nearly broke the Epsom MP's heart.
Mr Hide's quirky DaimlerChrysler Smart car was broken into twice in December, with thieves smashing windows to take the $1000 global positioning system (GPS) and its holder.
"The second time I just about cried," he says.
"You care for your car so much and some little thug comes along and smashes the windows."
The first time the car was parked at the Remuera rackets club where he was speaking at an annual dinner.
Mr Hide says he had the window fixed and was careful not to leave anything in it, including taking the GPS unit out of its holder and putting it out of sight.
But three weeks later thieves struck again, breaking another window and taking the holder - this time in Clovernook Rd, Newmarket.
He says the car alarm didn't go off, but he has learned a valuable lesson and leaves nothing in his car.
"Since becoming an MP I've had so many people coming to me with far worse than that. I can now empathise with their anger. Even with your car broken into you feel violated."
Remuera community constable Cath Grant says people need to be vigilant because car thefts in the east and bays has increased.
"It comes down to personal security and responsibility. Make sure you park in a public place with lots of lighting and don't leave anything on the seats or on the floor."
Mr Hide says he will be buying a better car alarm.

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[What's the deal with Liberal politicians and their smart cars?]

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