Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The City of Ottawa today announced the addition of the first energy-efficient Smart Car to its fleet.

"The City of Ottawa is a leader in the fight against pollution," said Mayor Bob Chiarelli. "This cost-effective and environmentally friendly vehicle is an example of how we are using taxpayer dollars wisely to support sustainable environmental initiatives that will save money for the corporation and the taxpayer."
The Smart Car was purchased to replace one of the City's By-Law Services vehicles. This is a project to evaluate operating costs, ergonomics, and the best applications for the car at the City. If the Smart Car performs well on these fronts and through winter operations, additional ones will be purchased as replacement vehicles for the
City's fleet.
The Smart Car cost $7,000 less to purchase than the last vehicle procured for By-Law Services. Its fuel efficiency rating and record to date indicates it will save another approximately $1,000 a year in diesel fuel costs, for a lifetime savings of
at least $14,000.
The Smart Car is not only cost-effective, but good for the environment as well. Smart Cars operate on diesel, which produces less carbon monoxide than gasoline. They are also highly fuel-efficient. Vehicles that burn less fuel produce lower
greenhouse gas emissions.
"Making environmentally sensitive and cost-efficient transportation choices like this is just the right thing to do," said Chair of the City's Transportation Committee and GoulbournWard Councillor, Janet Stavinga. "Everybody wins, the City, the taxpayers and the environment."
The new car will be on the road starting today as a City of Ottawa By-Law Services

Source: OttawaStart

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