Monday, January 30, 2006

Candidate crashes car between polls

Last updated Jan 23 2006 07:30 PM EST
CBC News

The Liberal candidate in Compton-Stanstead escaped virtually unharmed after a violent car accident on voting day.
David Price was travelling from polling station to polling station in the riding south of Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships, and had logged almost 250 kilometres when the accident occurred.
It had been snowing, and he was on a patch of highway near St-Isidore when he hit a patch of slush and ice. His car flipped off the road.
"The air bags went off and everything, everything functioned properly, I was just twirling in the air for a while and ended up landing right on the wheels again," Price said.
Throughout the campaign, Price has been driving a small, environmentally friendly Smart car.
He trusts the car on winter roads, and this was simply a stroke of bad luck, Price said.
Price walked away from the accident with a few scrapes and a sore shoulder, but the mishap forced him to call off visits to polling stations.
"I'm a little bit banged up, so I'm just going to take it easy for the rest of the day. I had only made it to about half of them so far," Price said.
Price says he will be sticking to his plans for election night: watching the results come in at a bar in Lennoxville.

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