Sunday, September 25, 2005

smartist Phillip Sokazo

Phillip Sokazo Biography

1960 Born in Toulouse in 1962, raised in a family of musicians and art collectors between Paris and the French Riviera.

1980 After studying Ethnology at the University of Toulouse, is accepted into the prestigious Beaux-Arts School in Paris yet soon decides to seize an opportunity to live in Miami where he works for Teen Magazine as Art Director. He holds the first public exhibition of his paintings there, before travelling the world for inspiration: New York, London, Prague, Madrid, Bombay...

1990 Back in Europe, his work is presented in various galleries and museums along side world-renowned artists like Alechinsky, Chilida, Riopelle and Matsutani of the Japenese Gutai Movement; all endorse Philippe's style and professionalism.

2000 Challenged by the Industry to apply his Art to manufactured luxury objects, such as jewellery, sculpted rugs, cement tiles, cigar humidors, wine bottles, fashion apparels and cars... these objects become part of the Sokazo World and are shown together with paintings in travelling exhibitions.

Settles in British Columbia in 2005 where he found new inspiration, light and energy.

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