Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New stuff: Smart Crosstown points way to the future

Check out this story from the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005 from

smart at the IAA: showcar crosstown

Frankfurt/Main, 09/13/2005
- smart has a surprise in store for visitors to this year's Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA): the world premiere of the smart crosstown show car. Though there's no denying its close relationship to the smart fortwo, this show car seems to have been designed with quite different uses in mind. However one thing is clear: the smart crosstown demonstrates just how much is possible on the basis of the smart fortwo, and shows that the fortwo's unique concept still harbours a great deal of potential.Its close relationship to the ultra-short two-seater can be seen not least in the compact dimensions.
With features such as a stowaway windscreen, the smart crosstown seems at first to have much in common with an off-roader. However, it is on the streets of the big city (although not exclusively) that it feels most at home. In other words, the smart crosstown has the same area of application as the smart fortwo. But there's a difference: because of the puristic way in which the vehicle concept has been interpreted, this car turns every drive into an urban jungle adventure.

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