Sunday, September 04, 2005

History of smart: fortwo

Our first smart car in Brightling, England.

We bought a 2000 all-black passion in 2001 from a smart dealer in Dusseldorf, Germany and drove back to England where it lived for three years.

"fortwo is the original smart model that was launched in 1998 as City Coupe. The name fortwo was introduced when smart began to produce new models. The car is intended primarily for urban use, powered by small petrol or diesel engines. It is light (740 kg) thanks to its reinforced steel shell with plastic body panels. The smart car's length (2.5 m) means that two smarts can share a parking bay.

The car is popular in Europe and Japan. There is a Japan-only variant called the smart K which is the only non-Japanese car that fulfills the regulations for Keicars. On 26 June 2002, smart fortwo was exhibited at the new MoMA Queens ( for the first time. It is the only model that is still in production today. Although one of the cars is an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, the car is not available in the USA. It was introduced in Canada as a 2005 model in September 2004.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Zap plans to import smart fortwos from a German dealer and modify them for sale in the United States in 2005."


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